Dreams is the force that changes the world, driving you to dare and believe in the impossible. Empowered by dreams, Concert in the Dark – presented by 1010 – is the world’s only concert held in complete darkness and managed with the participation of the visually impaired. Concert in the Dark has established itself as one of Hong Kong’s annual music events by creating a socially inclusive stage that has gained unprecedented success for three consecutive years with raving reviews. This year, Concert in the Dark 2013 with the theme “Dreams” will present 8 concerts in 4 days from 8-11 August at the 3/F Auditorium, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Pioneering flat beds for pure sound enjoyment

Concert in the Dark is a pure sound concert organized by social enterprises Dialogue in the Dark and Social Ventures Hong Kong, and co-organized by People Mountain People Sea. It aims to enhance social inclusion and raise the public’s understanding of Dialogue in the Dark and social enterprises.

Reaching its fourth year, Concert in the Dark 2013 will take “Dreams” as the theme. Once again, People Mountain People Sea will be featured in the concert led by a professional stage management team that consists of visually impaired talents. Singers Hacken Lee, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong, Fiona Sit, Eman Lam, Yoyo Sham, Joey Tang& Elaine Gu, together with pop groups Rubber Band and C AllStar, plus Taiwanese visually impaired singer-songwriter Ricky Hsiao will be bringing pure vocal music accompanied by emphasis in live acoustic strings. Accapella group Charatay will be performing for the first time with visually impaired singers in their music without instrumentation, bringing music back to its original form. In complete darkness, the audience will experience music only with their ears and carefree imagination in the boundless world of dreams.

People Mountain People Sea is a local musical group known for its bold creativity and eagerness to accept challenges. For the past three years, it has made successful breakthroughs in the limits of vision to perform music in total darkness. With the perfect coordination of the visually impaired stage management team, it has led the audience through music in total darkness to reflect the meaning of life and experience the ups and downs of the visually impaired. Other sensory stimulations such as touch and smell will be added into the performance for a richer experience. This year, Yu Yat Yiu and Keith Leung from People Mountain People Sea will collaborate with Eman Lam and Hong Kong’s most talented script writer Wong Wing Sze – winner of the Best’s Screenwriter, Best Theatre Actress and Best Screenwriter – to lead the audience in search of their dreams in total darkness. This year, some members of the audience will enjoy a relaxing experience as they lie down in pioneering flat beds!

Dream team of social enterprises with top brands

Paul Hodges, CSL’s Executive Vice President, Corporate, Wholesale and International Services, believes that social inclusion is the cornerstone of society. He is particularly impressed with the visually impaired participating in concert management. During his participation in Concert in the Dark, in the absence of visual senses, he has to try out and learn other forms of communication methods. Consequently, he deeply understands the impact and emotions brought about by this sound-only concert. Over the years, Concert in the Dark has been promoting social inclusion through constant improvements in communication methods and life experiences, which coincides perfectly with 1010’s brand concept. For this reason, 1010 – as a premium brand of CSL, is proud to be the sole sponsor of Concert in the Dark for four years in a row, offering an alternative non-visual communication experience for the audience in the world of dreams built together by 1010 and social enterprises.

In addition to raving reviews, Concert in the Dark has won both the Citation for Innovation and Citation for Outstanding Low Budget Campaign awards at the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence, also known as the ‘Oscars’ of the marketing industry. The mastermind behind Concert in the Dark, Francis Ngai, CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong, believes that Concert in the Dark is a dream team in social responsibility formed by social enterprises and top brands. Gaining the awards shows that the dream team has been well-recognized. On the other hand, Chairman of Dialogue in the Dark Patrick Cheung points out that Concert in the Dark has successfully created a unique stage for performers, the audience and the visually impaired, allowing them to exchange roles in complete darkness so as to achieve real social inclusion. It is also a successful example of how a dream can come true in Hong Kong’s creative culture development.

Concert in the Dark is fully supported by society, including its sole sponsor for 4 consecutive years 1010, venue sponsor Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, music sponsor Tom Lee Engineering, production sponsor Oval Design, and generous support from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, HMV, Motion Power, CR903, Harbour City, Times Square, OpenRice and Wangfoong.

Proceeds from Concert in the Dark 2013 will benefit Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Limited. The foundation’s chairman Chan Yau Chong says that funds raised from the concerts of the previous two years have supported visually impaired persons to take professionally recognized courses for education advancement and career development. The funds have also sponsored underprivileged families to visit Dialogue in the Dark experimental exhibition.